☆ The eggs are very fresh to eat in raw.

☆ Salmonella Free.

☆ The eggs are from the specific farm in Fukuoka area.

☆ The dining place is also available in Tokyo area.

Price Range

TKG  – JPY 550~ basically per person

How to order and eat

per person.
➡ Included up to two rice bowls and two eggs per person.

2. When the rice comes, take the egg on the table.

3.  Crack and open the raw egg into the side bowl.

4.  Choose and put soy sauce as seasoning.

💡 All are special soy sauces for TKG.
Produced by “UCHINO TANAGO” is in the middle one.

5. Lightly beaten and pour it on the top of the rice.

6.  If you want the second round, ask for the second rice.

💡  Another way of eating TKG.

Lightly beaten the egg in the side dish.
Mixed with rice first, then put soy sause on rice.

The Location at Tokyo Haneda Airport

Tokyo Haneda Airport, Terminal 1
The 1st Basement Floor

*Terminal 1 is used for the domestic flights.
as of 2018

The Shop Sign


☆ Purchasing the pack of eggs are possible.
➡ Keep in cool at home.
➡ Must eat very soon so NOT suitable as the souvenirs to abroad.


“UCHINO TAMAGO” website: Japanese only

All pictures are taken by mie.

All are as of 2018.

From my point of view  🙂

TKG is probably the one of the food you can eat only in Japan.  Usually, it is very rare to eat eggs in raw if you look around the world.  It is also common in worldwide that it is not safe eating eggs in raw because of the Salmonella. However, in Japan, possible.  I must note that it is ok to eat TKG if the eggs are very fresh even in Japan.

The best before on the pack of eggs selling in Japan means if you eat the eggs in raw.  So most of the Japanese people do not hesitate eating the eggs from grocery stores.

Of course, more fresh the eggs are better.  If you want to try TKG, don`t you feel more comfortable eating TKG if you are from countries do not eat egg in raw at all?  I do understand.  So I strongly recommend eating at “UCHINO TAMAGO.”  The eggs served at “UCHINO TAMAGO” are provided from the farm which is operated under controlled environment in Fukuoka.  No wonder it is clearly stated on the website that “Salmonella Free.”

Usually, the most common seasoning for TKG is Soy Sauce.  Nowadays, a bit of sesame oil and salt are getting popular seasonings among Japanese people.  Since TKG is very simple, it may be interesting to try another seasonings and create your own TKG, too.

Please enjoy your TKG in Japan!

Thank you for reading my report.  🙂

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