“Friendly Airport Limousine Bus”

“Keikyu Airport Limousine Bus”


☆ Many destinations are available from/to the airports.

☆ There are some hotels which the airport bus goes in and out directly.

☆ You can put your luggage in the designated luggage space.

☆ Very clean and comfortable, yes you can be seated all the way.

☆ From the airport:
The bus tickets counters(staff there) are available on the arrival area at the airport.  Seats are on the availability.

☆ To the airport:
Better to reserve seats in advance to the airport.  If not, depends on the availability.

☆ Leaving on time.


♦ The arrival time is depends on the traffic.
Please be reminded when you make schedule to the airport.

♦ The bus schedule may not be convenient depends on your flight schedule.
Please check the frequency.

💡 The people who are going and coming from SHINAGAWA area, taking the limousine bus would not be the first choice.  Taking train (KEIKYU LINE) is faster and more convenient in the frequency.

How to get on the Airport Limousine Bus

From Haneda airport

There are 2 major companies run the Airport Limousine Bus.

“Friendly Airport Limousine”
“Keikyu (Keihin Kyuko) Airport Limousine”

💡 The”Bus Tickets” counter handles both.

1. Please go to the “Bus Tickets” counter for purchasing and ticketing your bus ticket.

💡 The seats are on availability so must be ticketed.

 💡 You can consult with the staff at Bus Tickets Counter if the option of the Airport Bus is suitable for your situations.  Also, please ask for traffic information.

2. Please proceed to the boarding point number stated on your ticket.
The boarding point is located on the lower level.

💡 No waiting lounge around the boarding point.If your waiting time is long, please relax in the terminal area.

3. Please check your destination and leave your luggage to the staff.

4. Please board and relax!

To Haneda Airport

It is better to reserve your seat in advance.
If reservations are not made, seats are on the availability.

Please check with your hotel concierge or the websites for your reservation.

Friendly Airport Limousine Bus website:

Keikyu Airport Limousine Bus  website:


Haneda Airport Information staff

Friendly Airport Limousine Bus website

Keikyu Airport Limousine Bus  website

All pictures are taken by mie.

All are as of 2017.

From my point of view  🙂

I believe most of the people are very tired on arrival but you must go on to the place for your stay around Tokyo with your heavy luggage.

Do you have any idea how much complicated taking the trains around Tokyo?

Also, most trains do not have enough space for traveling size of luggage nor maybe people especially in rush hours which are more terrible.  Probably, stairs and stairs may be on your way.

The price is higher than taking trains but please consider the airport limousine bus as your first option if your situations are suitable.

It would be very easy if the airport limousine bus goes in and out from your hotel in Tokyo area, but if the airport limousine bus does not go directly to the place for your stay, you can also check if there is any point where is close to your place for staying.  If the point is close enough to use taxi,  I recommend to do so.  Yes, taking taxi is very expensive in Japan but sometimes taking in short distance may be effective.

If this option is not suitable with your situations, “Tourist Information Center” is located on the opposite side of the Bus Tickets Counter.  The staff is very friendly.  They can advise what the other options are good for your situation such as trains.

I wish this information makes you more relaxed about the transportation from and to the haneda airport!

Thank you for reading my report  🙂


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