ichiran ramen


The semi-custom made style.

☆ There are partitions between customers.

Basically, no talking as much as possible.

 Very thin noodles with less oily type of Tonkotsu soup.

The special red chill sauce is very impressive.

☆ Drinkable water from the tap is free of charge.

 Your space is very small. Large bags may not fit in.

Price Range

around JPY 1000 per person

My Recommendation

Ramen (original)
💡 The most popular way of customizing among Japanese:

Noodle Texture: Firm

💡 “KAEDAMA” is the traditional way of refilling noodles into the remaining soup.

In this way, you pay less amount of money for the second ramen!!  Also, you may change the noodle texture.

How to order

1. Before entering, please purchase your order ticket from the machine.

ichiran ticketing machine

2. Please check the monitor for the empty seat and take seat by yourself. The BLUE letter means the empty seats.

ichiran seating display





3. Please write and mark
*the order sheet on the table.

*English, Chinese, Korean versions are also available. Please ask by pressing the call button.

ichiran order sheet





4. Please place both of your order ticket and order sheet under the curtain, and press the “call” button for your order.

ichiran ordering



Additional order: “KAEDAMA”

(“KAEDAMA” is the traditional way of refilling noodles into the remaining soup.)

1. Please write the extra order sheet.

2. Please press the “call” button, and hand over the sheet along with the amount of cash.

ichiran kaedama order





3. When the “KAEDAMA” comes, please put it into your remaining soup by yourself.

ichiran kaedama

Where you can find in Japan & How to get there

FUKUOKA – origin


For the latest information and the shop address,
please refer the “ICHIRAN”`s website.


ichiran shop sign



“ICHIRAN”`s website https://en.ichiran.com/

All pictures are taken by mie.

All are as of 2017.

From my point of view  🙂

What makes so special about “ICHIRAN” is you can experience one of the “ZEN” mind through the ramen.  At “ICHIRAN,” you can concentrate on eating and enjoying your ramen because you will be provided your own space and  basically your talking should be minimized with others.

When your ramen is ready in front of you, you will see the perfect presence of ramen with the thought out arrangement by “ICHIRAN.”  I hope you will experience the feeling like you are watching the beautiful Japanese gardens in Kyoto.

“TONKOTSU” simply means pork bone, and originated in FUKUOKA (KYUSHU AREA), the south of Japan.

This type of broth soup looks milky white in color and very rich in taste. Since “TONKOTSU” broth soup contains a lot of collagen which is believed to be good for your skin, this type soup is very popular among Japanese women.

💡 Nowadays, you may find the many variations of “TONKOTSU” soup.  To find the real original type, please take a look at the surface and noodles.

If the big white back oils are floating around, it is the variation type.

Yes, the original type is also contains oils but much less oily, and also with the very thin type of noodles.

Thank you for reading my report.  🙂