“Castella Ice Cream” IN NAGASAKI

Pictures and reports are what I actually seen and taken.


☆ It is a small sandwich cake with ice cream inside.

☆ Basically sold only in Nagasaki area.

☆ Made by the shop name, Nyu-yo-ku-do.

☆ Various flavors are available.

– Vanilla, Coffee, Green tea, Chocolate, Strawberry, Read Beans and Loquat.







Price Range

around 300-400 Yen

My Recommendation

Vanilla kind is strongly recommended.
The yellow one.

Loquat (Biwa/in Japanese) kind is also nice.
The orange one.

Where you can buy in Nagasaki area?

At Nagasaki Airport

At JR Nagasaki Train Station

Also at some sightseeing spots in Nagasaki area
– Huis Ten Bosch and so on.

💡 Usually you will find them like this; in there.








you can visit the original shop, Nyu-yo-ku-do.

The Shop URL


💡 Japanese only, try Google Translate etc.



Pictures are taken by mie.

All are as of 2023.

💡 If you visit Nagasaki in summer, you will love to eat it!!

Thank you for reading my report  🙂



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